Exchange change

«Hajlafat shinui» At Equalizing Matter, Maamuta (Jerusalem), 2021. Curator: Irit Carmon Popper. «Hajlafat Shinui» (exchange of changes) is an homage to artistic projects that contributed to political changes and abolition of the dictatorships in the southern countries of South America, which is offered as an inspirational model for cultural agents in Israel today. Activist practices are highlighted in the works …


Loyalties Latex on board, video, 2021 Commissioned mapping and mural on a basketball court. Sacred geometry from the Wiphala to the Maguen David.

The Gray Suite

The Gray Suite Markers on silk paper, 2020 Drawing and poem based on the Argentine’s President visit to Israel in 2020. I will have very intense days in my encounter with an impressive country A hope born out of horror I’m the present of a country that has lived through its own tragedy of persecutions, torture, enforced disappearances and death …

Tea Syphon

Tea Syphon Digital drawings, 2016-2020 Drawings in TrazoSyphon, a precarious South American software designed for real-time sharing and collaboration.


Foul Publication, 10×10 cm Self-published, 2020 IEDs drawn in TrazoSyphon, an extremely limited software designed for live sharing and collaboration, while watching Israeli TV series.


Hannah Digital print, 2019 Drawing in TrazoSyphon, an extremely limited software designed for live collaboration.


Log Digital drawings, 2013-2017 Drawings in cellphones, tablets and notebooks, made during project meetings.

Presents to where it’s at

Presents to where it’s at HaMiffal (Jerusalem), 2017 Project in residency at Hamiffal, artist-run cultural space in Jerusalem. Anecdotes from managers of artist-run spaces around the world are collected, illustrated in wrapping paper, presented at the center’s co-working table and finally given as presents to the host collective during a open talk about collective art initiatives in South America.