The Pink Tent

Carpa Rosada (The Pink Tent) With Marcos Perearnau, Alejandro López, Matías Laje & Manuel Mensa). «Se Alquila/Estado» at Centro Cultural Juan de Salazar (Asunción, Paraguay), 2016. «Carpa Rosada», Matienschön (Buenos Aires, Argentina), 2015. A context-specific installation that is presented as a National Institution and that hosts multimedia works and a program of activities. It aims to bring national history to …


Planta Paper, UV light. With Luz Peuscovich, Marcia Leoncina, Eugenia Foguel, Facundo Iparraguirre et al. Festival Óptica Buenos Aires, Casa de la Lectura, Buenos Aires. Festival MARDER, CCGSM San Martín, Buenos Aires. 2009-2012 Collective murals in machine rolls and UV light, searching for ways to develop collectives merging styles and intentions into a cohesive work.