George W. Bush Square, Jerusalem

Gold 18K, Jerusalem stone, mirror.
At «Fool’s gold», Koresh 14 Gallery, 2021. Curator: Dveer Shaked.

Agustin Jais, George W Bush Square, Installation view, 2021

George W. Bush Square is a tiny corner plaza in Jerusalem, built over part of an important Muslim cemetery active from 800 CE. Only 200 meters away from the Old City, it is right where the Green Line used to pass, the borders of Israeli Jerusalem from 1948 to 1967; people tell me of Jordan snipers on the other side. It is now across the city’s fanciest mall: Bulgari, HStern, Rolex. This side of the road, many humbler, local jewellery stores. There are few things at the square: a shady currency exchange kiosk, benches and trees, and two plaques dedicated to Bush, carved in the same Jerusalem stone that the tombstones next to it. One of the inscription reads «Honoring those who labor for the advancement of peace».

Collaborators: Sergio Fasani (Mutan), Adam Farchy, Tali (3DD), Shlomi (Liberta), Rina (Weiss), Yarden Amir (Beit Hansen).