Lucas Dm: Xn

Matienschön 2015. Curators: Luz Peuscovich & Agustin Jais.

In Xn, Lucas DM takes into the exhibition space his learnings as a real-time visualist and his inherited passion for geometrical abstract imaging. In this audiovisual installation, the artist intervenes the space with transparent, growing layers of plexiglas, that become screens for black&white generative visuals. The installation makes use of the quality of the material (mainly transparent, but also reflective and translucid) to create an environment both ecstatic and interpretable.
Live shows and a children’s workshop happened in the framework of the exhibition.

View dossier with texts by Wili Peloche & Mariano del Águila.

Xn is an audiovisual installation that reformulates and decomposes space by iterating terms of mathematical sequences and applying each term to a spatial variable of a simple graphic element.
With each iteration a new spatial and virtual configuration is revealed, which is in turn amplified by the environment: the mathematical pattern is multiplied and transformed through a physical and finite succession of objects.
In an instant, the simple becomes complex, the space changes and as you walk through it, a new dimension is revealed.

Mounting: Santiago Ocampo, Sol del Río, Mariano del Águila, Milo Schnitman, Agustin Jais.
Production: Matienschön
Live shows: Milo Schnitman, Nais, R3nder.