Nacho Sánchez & Gonzálo Terranova. Feat. Lionel A. Mato, Lucía Deca, César Corujo, Ignacio Mahuma, Ailín Norryh.
Curators: Agustín Jais & Sonia Basch. Matienschön 2015

Sound performance using DIY instruments out of found objects: construction materials, and discarded elements from theatre plays. Bound to the four walls of the gallery, the instrument stands a visual representation of the four courners of Buenos Aires city: the Rio, the highway, the low neighbourhoods, the skyscrapers. Performers play while moving around following the perimeter of the room; meanwhile, digital circuits distort and amplify the music to quadraphonic speakers. The work signals the performativity inherent in the symbolic exchanges between the center and the outside, as a sound cartography that problematises our ideas of borders, frontiers and peripheries.

«Periferia is more than a performative-sound installation: it is a sensorial experience. A room intervened by a multidisciplinary team of artists that put their abilities as luthiers and recyclers to good use, creating a musical instrument out of the whole room. A climate that engulfs both performers and audiences, which become active an part of the narration».
– Pilar Ogando

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