Yevgeniya Baras (NYC), Avital Burg (NYC), Guo Cheng (Rosario), Natalia Cristofano, Nina Plez, AMHO, Federico Cantini, Lucas Joaquín Arias, Daniel Basso, Mariano Ullua, Juan Jose Souto, Laura Preger
Club Cultural Matienzo, 2016.
Curated by Matienschön. Project coordination: Agustin Jais

With the support of Asylum Arts & Grolsch. PH: Control.

Matienschön presents a night of 7 simultaneous events with artists from different localities.

– Two openings: Paintings by Yevgeniya Baras & Avital Burg (Nueva York), and an installation by Lucas Joaquín Arias curated by Sasha Minovich.
– Two music shows: Guo Cheng (Rosario) presents in Buenos Aires their new LP. Eva Shin performs with visuals by Nina Plez. DJ set by Federico Cantini with projections by Natalia Cristofano.
– Open exhibition: Sculptures by Daniel Basso, Juan Jose Souto and Mariano Ullua (Mar del Plata).
– A projection: Laura Preger (Buenos Aires) presents the short film “Manifiesto contra la teletransportación”.
– Matienzo Media Library presents the release of Matienschön’s dossiers and exhibits a curated collection of recent publications by independent publishers.