Artist-run project room

Between 2011 and 2018, a team of 9 developed contemporary art projects and ran an exhibition space located at Club Cultural Matienzo in Buenos Aires.
Matienschön led collective curatorial processes, providing human, spatial and material resources for the development of site specific projects. Its identity was rooted in collaboration, the development of experiences of artistic inhabiting and the broadening of access to contemporary arts.
Matienschön commissioned, curated and produced nearly 100 site-specific exhibitions and the festival MAÑA, as well as hundreds of events, performances, murals in public spaces, international residencies and exchange programs, open calls and contests, books and dossiers, workshops and talks.
Matienschön organized and curated exhibitions and residencies by artists from Argentina, Chile, México, USA, Belgium, Germany, Austria, France, Norway and Sweden. It presented art projects by artists, activists, journalists and scientists. Its exhibitions ranged from first solo shows to research-based documentary projects; it also gave established artists the opportunity to develop experimental processes. In the last years, a significant part of Matienschön’s projects were connected with Human Rights: gender, cultural and civil rights and the collective exercise of democracy.
Outside of its room, Matienschön also curated exhibitions in Rio de Janeiro and Rosario, and acted as jury for the Belgium-based MAF Festival.

Matienschön’s 2015 manifesto:
matienschön is interested in the development of inhabitable spaces with an artistic logic. How to make an exhibition space an inhabitable space? How to make an inhabiting experience an art experience?
matienschön is interested in experimental processes based on the collaboration between artists, curators and people with different backgrounds, involving new challenges and findings.
matienschön is interested in projects that involve materiality -i.e. the development of objects, techniques, aesthetics. At the same time, it focuses on the relationships and learning experiences that take place along the way.
matienschön is interested in new media as much as in contemporary visions over traditional artistic disciplines, and in knowledge that expands art’s scope of action.
matienschön is interested in planned and unplanned relationship and contamination between the exhibitions and the rest of the activities at Club Cultural Matienzo, and the unexpected encounter with the audiences that wander around the building.
matienschön is interested in broadening the access to contemporary arts.
matienschön is interested in developing a diverse agenda. It’s broad in its interests and thus eclectic in its proposals. As it happens with every dynamic organism, it attempts at constantly renewing itself by putting the previous statements into question as often as it can.


Team: Luz Peuscovich, Camille Cousin, Manuela Trujillo, Tam Painé Ciai, Martina Amiras, Leandro M. Depietri, Sonia Basch, Maia Minovich, Daniel Bouix, Sasha Misnovich, Santiago Ocampo, Rocío Relancio.