VolumenExpress: Fachades in crisis

Matienschön, 2011. Curator: Agustin Jais

The videoinstallation by the German/Norway artists Veronika Bökelmann and Anett Vietzke explored the consequences of Argentina’s 2001 economic crisis.
The work, which premiered in Galerie Stadtgestalt (Berlin) and won the Jury Prize at the Stuttgarter Filmwinter 2011, was presented in Argentina on the 10th Anniversary of 20/12/2001, the critical day of the crisis.
Together with the installation, the program «15/20», where 15 theatre directors presented new commissioned works around the crisis.

“The videoinstallation captures the crisis from the viewpoint of the common citizen. It gives voices to those whose daily life suddenly

crushed. The power of the work lies in its modest and direct approach, creating a political manifest of many dimensions and tones.» -Stuttgarter Filmwinter Jury, 2011.