Dikduk Javerim

Dikduk Javerim: a call to prayer, 4 AM, Hebrew learning compound for immigrants, Armon HaNatziv, 800 m. west of Arab alSawahira Video, 2’55». Kol HaOt, The Jerusalem Biennale, 2021. Curator: Eli Kaplan Wildmann. Developed at the residency program «48: Creative Quarantine», Jerusalem 2021. Featuring Orly Noa Rabinyan. Additional voices by Julia & Martín Jais. Samples by Wos – Canguro (Instrumental …

Presents to where it’s at

Presents to where it’s at HaMiffal (Jerusalem), 2017 Project in residency at Hamiffal, artist-run cultural space in Jerusalem. Anecdotes from managers of artist-run spaces around the world are collected, illustrated in wrapping paper, presented at the center’s co-working table and finally given as presents to the host collective during a open talk about collective art initiatives in South America.