Presents to where it’s at

Presents to where it’s at HaMiffal (Jerusalem), 2017 Project in residency at Hamiffal, artist-run cultural space in Jerusalem. Anecdotes from managers of artist-run spaces around the world are collected, illustrated in wrapping paper, presented at the center’s co-working table and finally given as presents to the host collective during a open talk about collective art initiatives in South America.

The way out is collective

The way out is collective Project in residence, Asylum Arts Residency, Ciudad de México, 2017 Map of significant slogans from current demonstrations in Latin America. The result of interviews with the participants & staff workers of a residency for Latin American artists, during a break. Viewers had to lift the papers to see the inscriptions.

Love will tear us apart

Love will tear us apart Dir. Maia Minovich, Club Cultural Matienzo, 2016 The results of an online survey about love form the base material of a three-piece band of poetry, music and live visuals.


Soulseek/2016 With Denise Lara Margules, Matienschön, 2015 One night-only table installation with objects made of bread, embroidery and downloaded texts. The participatory ritual was based on a Jewish reading of the peer-to-peer network «Soulseek» and aimed to conjure energies for next year.

Emergencia del deseo

Emergencia del deseo Dir. Belén Charpentier, El Porvenir Festival, 2015 Live data visualizations for Belén Charpentier’s relational performance. The audience, sitting in the stage, decide what they should work on together after the play is over; the decision-making process is followed on the screens. Participatory proposal in which the audience is involved in the production of a collective, agreed desire …

Day one

Día uno (Day one) With Luz Peuscovich, Sergio Fasani, Pablo Jais, Juan Manuel Aranovich, Morbo y Mambo.PANORAMICA Festival, Buenos Aires, 2013 360 digital visuals mixed with analog visuals from a rotating overhead projector, plus live music. The real-time audiovisual performance told the story of a fire on communal houses that gives way to a new dawn. The collective project aimed …

Emperatriz IV

Emperatriz IV By Lolo y Lauti Installations: Agustín Jais. With Sergio Fasani & Florencia Henke CETC-Teatro Colón, Buenos Aires, 2013 Stage design and realization for Lolo y Lauti’s performative installation. A walk in the shape of a fertility ritual: the audience in groups of 12, each accompanied by an usherette, was guided in the dark through 4 installations, from laying …

The hug

El abrazo (The hug) Interactive installation. With Nacho Sánchez, Sergio Fasani & Pablo Jais. In «El cuerpo en el túnel», Centro Cultural Parque España, Rosario, 2013. Curating: Leandro Martínez Depietri, Martina Amiras, Julia Filippone


Planta Paper, UV light. With Luz Peuscovich, Marcia Leoncina, Eugenia Foguel, Facundo Iparraguirre et al. Festival Óptica Buenos Aires, Casa de la Lectura, Buenos Aires. Festival MARDER, CCGSM San Martín, Buenos Aires. 2009-2012 Collective murals in machine rolls and UV light, searching for ways to develop collectives merging styles and intentions into a cohesive work.

Rupture & Reconciliation

Rupture & Reconciliation Performance feat. Paula Baró & Darío Graschinsky Club Cultural Matienzo, 2012   Reading of a poem among video screens and performative actions.     I. fruto de la tierra a su tiempo bajando al mar en ruedas ajenas se hace más lento la primera siembra se apresura se pone en pie en casas ajenas a la espesura …