Where People Kiss

Where People Kiss Matienschön (Buenos Aires), 2018. Curator: Tam Painé Ciai 36 artists were invited to create scale models of their past exhibitions at an independent art space. They were installed in that same room as the cabins of a functioning Ferris wheel, alongside a video based on footage from the openings. WPK attempted to create an alternative archive of …

Water My Plant

Water my plant With Denise Lara Margules. Mestizo Arts Festival (Belgium), 2017 Festival LODO (Buenos Aires), 2018 Five cultural institutions from Belgium were matched to five others from Argentina, through exchanging scale models of their buildings. The initiative gave way to experimental collaboration attempts between the organisations. The narration of the process, through context-specific multimedia and performative works, exposed institutional …

The way out is collective

The way out is collective Project in residence, Asylum Arts Residency, Ciudad de México, 2017 Map of significant slogans from current demonstrations in Latin America. The result of interviews with the participants & staff workers of a residency for Latin American artists, during a break. Viewers had to lift the papers to see the inscriptions.

The Pink Tent

Carpa Rosada (The Pink Tent) With Marcos Perearnau, Alejandro López, Matías Laje & Manuel Mensa). «Se Alquila/Estado» at Centro Cultural Juan de Salazar (Asunción, Paraguay), 2016. «Carpa Rosada», Matienschön (Buenos Aires, Argentina), 2015. A context-specific installation that is presented as a National Institution and that hosts multimedia works and a program of activities. It aims to bring national history to …


Soulseek/2016 With Denise Lara Margules, Matienschön, 2015 One night-only table installation with objects made of bread, embroidery and downloaded texts. The participatory ritual was based on a Jewish reading of the peer-to-peer network «Soulseek» and aimed to conjure energies for next year.

The hug

El abrazo (The hug) Interactive installation. With Nacho Sánchez, Sergio Fasani & Pablo Jais. In «El cuerpo en el túnel», Centro Cultural Parque España, Rosario, 2013. Curating: Leandro Martínez Depietri, Martina Amiras, Julia Filippone


Planta Paper, UV light. With Luz Peuscovich, Marcia Leoncina, Eugenia Foguel, Facundo Iparraguirre et al. Festival Óptica Buenos Aires, Casa de la Lectura, Buenos Aires. Festival MARDER, CCGSM San Martín, Buenos Aires. 2009-2012 Collective murals in machine rolls and UV light, searching for ways to develop collectives merging styles and intentions into a cohesive work.