Club Cultural Matienzo

Founded in 2008 in Buenos Aires

A venue for art & community.
A team of teams producing contents.
A community for transformation through culture.

1000 m2 venue
800 events
80 workshops
1000 artists & collectives.
140.000 visitors
70% produced in-house
100+ team members

In other’s words:
«Everything new and interesting happening today, happens there» (BRANDO)
«At the vanguard of Buenos Aires cultural scene» (Alan Pauls)
«A friendly world of young people that know what they are doing and do so in their own terms. As self-managed as they are professionals» (Clarin)
«No need to exaggerate about what happens behind its doors: all things are contained in its literally uncountable activities happening every day» (Llegás)
«Key point of the city’s underground scene» (Rolling Stone)